Marshall United 10-11 Girls

The Marshall United 10-11 girls have had a great fall soccer season. They are, from left, front, Hannah Bean, Maggie Flanagan, Natalie Brown, Avery George, Samantha Stewart, Lydia Mastin and Olivia Mathis; back, Coach Mike Jones, Isabella Cooper, Alejandra Vega, Annie Mac Altom, Julie Davis , Clara Ross, Mariele Valencia , Ella Tate Campbell, Ellie Brown, Eden Palacios and AnneMarie Thomas.

The Marshall United 10-11 year old girls just finished their soccer season. And Coach Mike Jones said having the Conners Island soccer complex is helping these young players in their development. 

"We just ended a great season playing games across north Alabama and home games at Connors Island," Coach Jones said. "I'm very proud of what this group achieved this year. We had several players playing their first competitive soccer. Connors Island allows us this opportunity to advance the skill level to advance our future future High school players playing under Marshall United soccer club."

The team played its season-ending tournament in Oxford this weekend.

On Saturday morning, they beat a team from Trussville 4-0. And Saturday evening, they beat a team from Montgomery 4-1, advancing them to the semi-finals on Sunday.

"We played a Gadsden team Sunday morning and although I think we outplayed them, we lost 2-1 on a late penalty kick the ref awarded them," Coach Jones said. "Connors Island allows these kids the opportunity to play a higher level of competitive soccer that will be very pivotal to their success in high school.

"I have been coaching youth soccer twenty years and the Connors Island complex has been very helpful in expanding our recreation program and Marshall United club," Coach Jones continued. "This is very important to our high school programs. And I thank the city for what they’ve given us. With the addition of lights, bathrooms, and concession stands that are coming, our soccer recreation program will really prosper."

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