Jadyn Bonds

Jadyn Bonds went for a new personal best, 5-6, in the high jump at the 5A state track meet last week. She got it, tied the school record and won the state championship.

Guntersville High’s Jadyn Bonds is a state champion. She jumped a personal best 5-6 in high jump last Thursday to win 1st in that event at the 5A state meet.

“It was our first event and she sort of set the tone for the excitement for the rest of the weekend,” Coach Chris Bashaw said.

Jadyn was seeded No. 2 in the state meet behind the UMS-Wright jumper who edged her for the state title at the indoor state championships a few months ago.

“We talked that she had to be clean,” Coach Bashaw said. “She didn’t need any misses. In the event of a tie, it then goes back to the misses. If you’re clean and everyone has the same number of misses, it ends in a jump-off.”

Jadyn didn’t have any misses. She was clean all the way through.

The other championship contender had some misses.

“She missed twice,” Coach Bashaw said. “I think it frustrated her. At the indoor meet, she’d never been behind Jadyn. I told Jadyn, ‘She’s got to beat you now. You are exactly where you want to be. She has to outjump you.’”

Jadyn had jumped clean through 5-0, 5-2 and 5-4. She had gone 5-5 in Guntersville’s invitational meet two weeks ago.

At state, she went for 5-6.

“We talked about it before and how she had to have speed coming to the bar,” Coach Bashaw said. “A lot of videos were made of that moment. When she planted and got vertical, she cleared the bar.”

And the crowd went wild.

You have to understand that private schools often dominate events like track.

“As she cleared it, every public school person watching he event was cheering,” Coach Bashaw said. “It was one of the biggest cheering sections all weekend. Here was this public school athlete going up against 2 girls from private school.”

It was a personal best and tied the school record set in 2000 by Shaquada Banks.

“Shaquada committed to Mississippi State,” Coach Bashaw said. “It should tell a lot of people just what kind of athlete Jadyn is.”

She won indoor state in high jump in ’21 and was the runner-up in indoor in ’22. She finished 4th in outdoor last year.

“She’s been pretty much a top 5 jumper ever since she started,” Coach Bashaw said.

Jadyn told Coach Bashaw after it was all over that she set a goal at the beginning of the year to win high jump in every meet this season. And she did it.

She scored 11 of Guntersville’s 23 points at the state meet. She also finished 8th in triple jump and 10th in long jump.

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