The Aquacats

SWIMMING FOR GUNTERSVILLE. These swimmers participated in the Guntersville swim team this year. They are not listed in the order shown. Team members included Emily Abbade, Nicholas Abbade, Venice Adams, Fisher Adkison, Matthew Alred, Max Alred, Michael Alred, Annie Mac Altom, Annabel Ausley, Anna Lee Baker, Daisy Baker, Kate Baugh, Addie Beyl, Izzy Beyl, Joe Beyl, Sam Beyl, Elizabeth Blocker,  Grace Ann Blocker, Mac Blocker, Charlie Boiles, Damon Boiles, Brooke Braswell, Jax Braswell, Tinsley Broadway, Leslie Ann Buckley, Anna Chase Campbell, Cullom Campbell, Ella Tate Campbell, Colton Carnley, William Carnley, Taylor Cooper, Gavin Driskill, Liza Kate Edwards, Benjamin Ellis, Camden Ellis, Jackson Ellis, Jessa Ellis, Anne Marie Everett, Cole Everett, Knox Everett, Finn Flanagan, Jon Kirk Flanagan, Maggie Flanagan, Charlie Fletcher, Kayden Floyd, Bella Gannon, Ellie Gannon, Avery George, Garrett George, Sadie George, Claire Gibson, Addison Reese Hammond, Poppy Rose Hammond, Daniel Hardison, James Hardison, Cash Hooper, Isabella Johnson, Osiris Jones, Theodore Kauffman, Anna Larson, Chase Larson, Aubrey Littlejohn, Colton Littlejohn, Jett Long, Kamdyn Love, Gage Martin, Gracie Martin, Jax Martin, Pierce Martin, Jaime Martinez, Jesus Martinez, Adeline McBride, Izzy McBride, Joy McBride, Scarlett McBride, Ben McCurdy, Joe McCurdy, Luke McCurdy, Kensi Miller, Ella Milligan, Finn Morris, Madeline Morris, May Newman, John O’Shields, Lewis O’Shields, Patrick O’Shields, Ashlyn Pate, Kinsleigh Prescott, Adaline Pyburn, Hannah Pyburn, Frank Ray, Jana Beth Ray, Parker Rhodes, Neely Richards, Riley Richards, Michael Riddle, Alaina Ruffin, Judson Shaw, Addie Grace Smith, Enzley Spires, Emerson Stott, Sunny Stott, Jake Taylor, Allie Jewell Thornton, Dee Tully, Ella Kay van der Wel, Evelyn van der Wel, James van der Wel, Marcel van der Wel, Rosa van der Wel, Villyn Vaughn, Tessa Kate Watkins, Madeleine Wharton, Will Wharton, Kinleigh-Blake Williams, Madison Wingate, Grayson Wood, Ollie Wood, Pyper Wood and Ryker Wood.

The Guntersville Aquacats are competing in the district swim meet in Boaz this weekend after a 6-4 season. Around 30 swimmers are competing at district, with hopes of moving on to the state level in Opelika at the end of the month.

Claire Megehee was head coach for the Aquacats this year. She grew up swimming for Scottsboro and will be a senior at Union College in the fall. Assistant coaches this year included Sarah Peel, who also swam for Scottsboro and is a recent graduate of Spring Hill College, Marcel Van der Wel and Liza Kate Edwards, both of whom pull double duty as swimmers for the Aquacats.

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