The 2022 HydroFest will have more race boats than it has ever had, spread across three different classes. 

These teams are expected:

H1 Unlimited

U-1 Miss Homestreet, with Jimmy Shane, the defending Gold Cup Champion driving

U-3 Griggs presents Miss Ace Hardware, with driver Jimmy King, the only competitive piston powered Unlimited on the circuit

U-8 Miss Tri Cities, with J. Michael Kelly, the 2021 Driver’s Champion in the driver’s seat

U-9 Miss Pinnacle Peak Consulting, with Corey Peabody driving

U-11 Unlimited Racing Group with Jamie Nilsen driving

U-12 Miss Graham Trucking, with Andrew Tate driving

U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing with Dave Villwock driving

U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate, with with Jeff Bernard driving

These boats will race 4 competitive heats with 4 laps each and a final championship race with 5 laps for a 52.5 mile APBA Gold Cup race.

Grand Prix

This year Grand Prix America will bring the Southern Nationals to Guntersville. Grand Prixs run at speeds of 170 mph, pushing 1500 horsepower. Confirmed teams attending include:

GP-3 Pleasure Seekers Racing with driver Jimmy King

GP-12 Schellhase Racing, with drivers Austin Eacret and Kevin Eacret

GP-14 Hearn Motorsport Racing, with driver Brandon Kennedy

GP-15 Hopp Racing, with Jerry Hopp driving

GP-20 Blown Income Racing with driver Ed Preston

GP-24 Kraken Racing, with David “Mooch” Muczinski

GP-33 Lupton Racing with driver Jack Lupton, out of New Zealand

GP-35 TM Special Racing

GP-50 Freedom Racing with driver Ken Brodie

GP-52 Wannabee Racing with driver John Grigg

GP-79 Bad Influence Racing with driver Jeff Bernard. This is the defending champion for Grand Prix.

GP-525 Fat Chance Racing, with driver Tom Thompson

GP-577 Lupton Racing, with Ken Lupton driving. This team is from New Zealand

GP-777 The Steeler, with Andrew Tate driving

Pro Lite Series

The Pro Lites are 5 liter hydros racing at top speeds of 115 mph. Also called E 350s, these boats are powered by modified marine based Chevy and Ford V-8 engines with 285 horsepower. Teams confirmed for Guntersville include:

E-2 Pleasure Seekers with driver Dylan Runne

E-5 Fly Boy, with driver Gary Chalfant

E-14 Legacy One with driver Donny Allen

E-17 Modern Drummer with driver Jeff Sankuer

E-52 Legacy One with driver Paul Barber

E-54 Bo’s Back with driver Jimmy King

E-40 E Rat Racing with driver Dillon Goodell

E-79 Bad Influence with driver Patrick Haworth

E-98 The Flood Guys with driver Steve Huff

E-242 Miss LDC Construction with driver Bobby King

E-313 Benedict Racing with Buddy Benedict

E-323 Maximum Racing with driver Carl Adams

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